No Force Will Stop Buhari, North in 2019 – Sani

Former National Publicity Secretary of the apex northern socio-political organisation, Arewa Consultative Forum, (ACF), Anthony Sani, at the weekend, declared that no force will stop President Muhammadu Buhari and the region to seek a second term in 2019 presidential election.

Speaking in Kaduna, Sani explained that if the people go back and vote a weaker candidate against strong person like Buhari who is serving under the toughest situation, Nigeria will collapse.

Sani, who was also the spokesman of Northern Delegates for 2014 National Conference, said the formation of mega party and alignment by politicians will not wrestle power as majority of Nigerians prefer Buhari to any other person despite the challenges the nation is facing due to fall of oil price.

He further noted that even though Buhari has his shortcomings, but he is the best choice, and that some of the prophesies against the present government were done by religious commercial prophets to test the opinions of Nigerians for those who want to contest the next presidential election.

Sani, may be reacting to call by former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s on Ndigbo to run for presidency in 2019, although the north has not completed it’s eight year tenure which is a tradition in Nigeria politics.

But, Sani who was in the forefront of power shift to the north in 2015, said Buhari will finish his two term as majority of Nigerians still prefer him than any other person and added that the North has no better candidate than Buhari for now.

His words: “No oil country is doing well now, is all over the world. The GDP is going down. I believe the situation we are in now, if we choose a weaker person in 2019 as our President against a strong person like Buhari, Nigeria will collapse. I am not a politician but I’m telling you. The situation needs a person like Buhari to continue.”
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