“It Can Never Happen!…Tinubu Cannot Make His Lagos Boy My Governor” – Obasanjo

There is a growing buzz in and out of Ogun state.
And it is all about recent kick against the gubernatorial ambition of
Senator Solomon Adeola by former president Olusegun Obasanjo.

The gubernatorial hopeful seriously looking forward to succeed Governor
Ibikunle Amosun is currently a sitting Senator in Lagos state.

And he is believed to have the backing of heavy weight politician with a
vice grip on the politics of Lagos state, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to become
the governor of Ogun state in year 2019.

A development chief Obasanjo, a powerful voice in the affairs of Ogun state is said to be passionately against.

The former President reportedly made his position known when backers of the
Lagos senator sought support for the aspirant working on leveraging on
roots in Yewa axis of Ogun state, as well as the yearnings of the sector
to produce a governor in actualising his ambition.

The respected elder state man was to have declared to the delegation that came
calling that ‘’It can never happen…Tinubu cannot make his Lagos boy My

Here is a link to Chief Obasanjo’s proclamation for background – http://societynowng.com/It-Can-Never-Happen-Tinubu-Can-Not-Make-His-Lagos-Boy-My-Gov-Ex-President-Olusegun-Obasanjo-Kicks-Hard-Against-Senator-Adeola-So
Digs by societynowng.com have it that since the revelation of chief
Obasanjo’s reaction to Yayi’s gubernatorial ambition hit town, it has
generated growing buzz.

Checks by societynowng.com revealed it has transformed the talk of the town in and out of the state, especially amongst political circle.

Opponents of the Senator are said to be trumpeting the former President’s reaction about town.

‘’they are hailing Obasanjo’s stance as worthy…praising the elder state man for his declaration’’ a source claimed.

A keen political watcher however analysed ‘’all the trumpeting and
hailing of Obasanjo are meant to dim Yayi’s chances…wipe up sentiments
of with Obasanjo against him, his chances are poor better to support
another person amongst the populace’’

Added revelation has it that supporters of the Lagos senator are however not taking the
development low, they are said to be fighting back – particularly on social media
platform where the issue is generating huge talks.

Main opposition party in the state, People’s Democratic Party has however refused to be drawn into the unfolding drama.

According to spokesperson Malik Ibitoye ‘’it is an APC (all Progressives Congress) issue…they are free to bring anybody from anywhere..what we in PDP know is that we preparing well for the gubernatorial election and we are preparing to win, whoever they bring as their candidate’’

Checks by IGBERE TV however revealed Ibitoye’s assertions may be the party’s position but participants in the buzz being generated by Chief Obasanjo’s reaction to Yayi’s gubernatorial ambition cut across party lines.

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